Apple Spring Forward Conference

-New apple store in China
-120 million customers visited apple stores in last 3 months

Apple TV
-adding more and more channels each day
-HBO:April 12-return of VEEP ,Silicon Valley,Game of Thrones
-Richard Peplar CEO
-Standalone streaming service HBO Now-exclusive for apple
:past ,present and future movies-broadband connection and apple device
-14.99$ -first month free

New game of Thrones (trailer shown)#epic
-25 million apple TV sold -$99 entry level
-apple TV today -$69

-Sold 700th million iphone
-double industry growth rate last quarter-top selling smartphone in the world -99% satisfaction phone
-Apple Pay loved by customers-enormous momentum-now over 25 banks supporting apple pay
-700,000 locations excepting apple pay
-Cocacola -40,000 in US -using Apple Pay
-CarPLay-every major car brand committed to delivering CarPlay

-Health -medical research(Jejj Williams speaks)
-recruiting people
-subjective data
-One-Way Communication

Announces researchkit -medical framework
-iphone into diagnostic tools
-5 apps built-
Exercise may halt parkinson’s and it syncs with your health app
Cardiovascular diseases
Breast Cancer
Privacy of medical data-you decide how data is shared and apple will not see your data

VIDEO ABOUT Researchkit-brilliant

Researchkit is Open Source
-first 5 apps available today

-every year for last decade mac outgrown industry

VIDEO about reinvented notebooks
*Phil invited to talk about new macbook

-weights 2 pounds
-thickest point -13.1 mm
-24% thinner
-All new keyboard
-Butterfly mechanism for keys now (4 times more stable,40% more thinner)
-new lighting system -individual lighting for each key
-12 inch display-edge to edge-retina -2304X1440 pixels(3.3 million pixels)
-thinnest display
-consumes 30% less energy
-new force touch trackpad-Taptic engine built in-click anywhere and get same feel
sense your pressure
force click looks up wikipedia
email gets you locoation
finder gets you preview of file
Deeper you press faster your fast forward goes

-first fanless mac(silent operating)
-densest logic board in a mac
-1/3rd the size of previous mac
-powered by Intel
-Rest of space in mac filled with batteries
-Created contoured batteries-35% more battery-All day battery life
-Has dual stream and bluetooth -extreme portability
-USB,DIsplay,VGA,HDMI all through one connector(USB C technology)
cable is reversible
-Silver,Space grey and Gold
-Environmentally friendly
-faster processor and more storage for -1599$
-April 10th

MAc Air

MAc book pro
-faster processor
-twice as faster flash
-1 extra hour of battery
-shipping today

-most advanced time piece
-50 milliseconds within UTC
-different colours and different faces
-Mickey mouse face
-Glances -allows you to check things very quickly which you see frequently
-also communication immediately-receives messages and respond
-receive calls on your watch
-read emails on watch
-you can connect apple watch to apple watch using digital touch
animated as a sketch on your friends watch
also send your heartbeat
-Health and fitness-tracks your movement
reminds you if you have been sitting too long
reminders can be sent to you
it will send you a report of you did the previous week it will also suggest new goals
-Workout app
-cycling etc

Apple watch given to Christy Turlington Burns

-done 3 marathons
-done half marathon using apple watch(1st person)

*video-not bad

*christie on stage

Christie doing a weekly blog on

-you can pay
-control with music
-interface with siri
-notifications on apple watch-keep track of sports teams
-connect to social media and news

Watch Kit SDK in released Nov(Many great apps made,some of them below)
*Kevin Lenchov
-communicates with phone via bluetooth and wifi

-you can use uber from your car
-you can integrate your air tickets with your watch
-wave watch in front of hotel room and use it as a key
-using shazam you can find which music is playing app can help you open garage door

IOS 8.2 available for download today
-All Day Battery Life-18 hours

HOLd magnetic charger need back of watch ,it will click into play

Watch sport
widest variety of bands
-38mm and 42 mm

Apple Watch Edition -Solid Gold

Pre-orders +preview from April 10th

Apple watch available on April 24 -select countries


My SOP for creativity workshop

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My school has been offered 4 spots for a highly competitive creativity workshop and it is open to the students of grades nine to eleven. So,in short it is uber competetive.I really hope that I get selected and below is the SOP that I wrote:

Statement Of Purpose

I’m Dhruv Krishnaswamy from class 9D and I would like  to take part in the creativity workshop by OnCourse Vantage because it would be an excellent opportunity to learn from the best plus it would open a new window for my creative aspirations.

Creativity is a strange thing.The times when you need it the most,it bails on you and at times when all you want to do is relax,you are bombarded by ideas of building crazy rockets,starting a business or writing unique blog posts.

As a student of ninth grade in India,I feel that our country does not place enough emphasis on developing the creativity of students,rather the system focuses more on rote memorisation and making students blindly copy facts.Teenagers like myself are often told to stick to the book and not think out of the box.But I ask Why?I’m not going to rant any more about how our country doesn’t encourage creative endeavours instead I’m going to tell you why I think I’m the right person for the creativity workshop.

The first reason being that I have a burning desire to learn more about creativity and I want to change the way our country views it.This workshop will help my imagination and creative side develop because I believe that only with creativity can innovation be possible and only innovation can take our country further .

Second,as an avid MUNer and debater I know how important creativity is to get your point across or to phrase an argument and hence this experience will teach me how creative thinking can help me win a debate or stand out at an MUN.

Lastly,I feel that a person like me who is bubbling with many ideas for websites,apps and services and is an avid blogger would benefit from this creative stint in my pursuit to become an entrepreneur.

In the end I really hope that I get to be a part of this learning experience so that I can develop wings of creativity which will help me soar high.

I had an opportunity to meet the former President of India,Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and below is the essay I submitted so that they would select me.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam,The Missile Man of man of India is one of the most inspiring Indians alive.Hailing from a humble background in the small town of Rameswaram ,Dr Kalam showed us how dedication and hardwork can change a person’s life regardless of his background by becoming the President of the largest democracy in the world.I want to meet Dr Kalam because apart from being the former President of India ,he is also one of the brightest minds of our times.I want to see how such a person with numerous achievements including the Bharat Ratna can manage to remain so down-to-earth.Meeting Dr Kalam would be an insightful experience because he is one of the best of examples of a brilliant mind not succumbing to the brain-drain phenomena.I would like to ask Dr Kalam,

1)”At the rate technology is developing what worries you most about the future of our country?”

2)”What is your opinion about the current political scenario in our country especially with BJP in power?”

I would like to ask these questions because technology as much as it is beneficial can also be destructive.Since he has a scientific background,I would like his opinion.Also,as Dr APJ has had a stint in politics,I would want to know his views on the political scene.

In the end I would like to be selected because I would not want to miss a ‘selfie opportunity’ with Dr Kalam 🙂


-Dhruv Krishnaswamy,class IX-D

Well….I wasn’t selected and looking back I can see that I did not demonstrate enough interest and my last paragraphs were to cramped and not elaborated enough,in an attempt to adhere to the word limit which was 200 words.Also,I forgot to add a title. These was probably the reasons why I wasn’t selected.Anyways,I have to move on.

On an unrelated note one of the people who was selected wrote a 330 word essay.So much for adhering to the word limit!…..Anyways congrats to her and I hope I learn something valuable from this failure of mine.

2014 has been a great year and I wanted to make this post about my accomplishments during the course of the year.This post is going to be in the format of a list,so here goes-:

-I took part in more Model United Nations conferences and won awards…I won 2 special mentions and got 1 verbal mention in the 3 conferences I took part in.I learn’t not only to draft MUN resolutions but also learn’t a fair bit more about international relations and law.

-I was selected to attend and represent my school at a highly selective Model United Nations workshop which was conducted at the United States embassy in New Delhi.During this 2 day learning experience,I was familiarised with the most effective ways in which to put forward an argument and such intricacies of debate.Overall enjoyable and great learning experience

-I was selected for the school football team and over this year,I have become a better player and am now more confident in myself while playing.

-I had the privilege of being in a workshop about ‘French as a Second Language’ conducted by an official of the French embassy.This was not only informative but also sparked my interest further in pursuing French.

-I was also selected for a competitive French virtual Pen Pal program which introduced me to my french pen pal,18 year old Anthony who lives in Normandie.

-Importantly this year I was elected as my class representative.I have enjoyed this leadership experience so far and this has actually brought out my interest in being in the student council and working for the welfare of my class by representing the views of my fellow classmates.

-I am the only 9th grader to be a member of the Core 8 of the Debate Society of my school,that gives me immense pride because I am being recognised for something that I love that is debate.

-I have been selected as a student tour guide for my school where I show parents of new admissions around the school.

-Very importantly,I have started to write more frequently for my blog and this is keeping my happy.

-I have also started to take courses on Coursera about law but my attempts have been largely half-baked.I will work harder on these great resources that are offered to me by Coursera from 2015.

-Also,I have developed a keen interest in technology, especially programming and have started to learn a bit here and there (Nov-Dec)

-As of now,I aspire to study Economics and Computer Science.

All in all 2014 has been an extremely fruitful year and I have learnt many things over the course of these 12 months that I won’t ever forget.I hope 2015 is as good or better a year than 2014…..This year is dedicated to dreams and knowledge.

First impressions matter.A person can come off as many things athletic,loudspoken ,calm or even stupid sometimes.The vibe that is given by people often translates into your behavior and interactions with them too.Schools are places where people develop their personalities and often give nicknames to their classmates based on the long-term impression that they leave.Nerd.Geek.Jock.Cool.Pretty are a couple of names that are thrown around.
All this is fine for 4 years of high school or college but what happens when one needs to make an impression in a matter of hours,say for example at a party.We want to appear ‘cool’ and stylish as soon as possible and not stupid surely.The anger one feels when a charming fellow steals the bored woman that they have been trying to impress for a whole hour is simply blood-boiling.”I’m the nice guy,she chose the wrong person” is the most common complain but HEY guys and girls you are BORING.You are not interesting.You don’t know how to make someone laugh and you are certainly not well read enough to hold a good conversation.So here is what I feel you need to do to be the heart of the party-:

As cliched as that may sound,it is true.You have got to be well read on a variety of subjects so that you can find common ground with the different people that you meet.Try start to start reading that boring,old newspaper which by default seems to end up at your doorstep every morning.You can use social media like twitter to be up to date on the latest happenings…Politics,current affairs,celeb gossip and sports news are the kind of interests most people have.Read,it may interest you too.Fiction,non-fiction,biographies and productivity articles,just try them all.

2)Be a good conversationalist
Well this is important skill because you certainly don’t want to scare people with your monotonous rambling about Intel i5 or i7 processors.God!,learn to ask people about themselves because the unspoken truth is that people LOVE to talk about themselves.Make use of that and be a good listener.Who knows,you might meet the most interesting can develop your conversation skills only by practicing and getting hands-on practice.Use humour carefully because it can either make you the charming dude or the lame guy who nobody understands.Your words can either make you or break you….Speak or learn to speak wisely.

3)Attitude Matters
Nobody,absolutely nobody likes the snob or the person who keeps shooting down their ideas and making them feel small.That know-it-all is certainly not going to be the heart of the party so don’t try to imitate him instead try to be a little more friendly and lively.Also,I’m sure there are many ‘balloon deflators’ out there who seem ‘hip’ by sarcastically shooting down people but make no mistake,those people are the least liked.You need to be amiable,approachable and most importantly helpful.A helpful person will correct you politely and at the same time gain your respect.

In the end, however knowledgeable you may be only the charismatic,down-to Earth person will actually be liked.This is article was was just the start,get out there and be the heart of the party.


“You don’t need to work hard,work smart instead !”

A couple of months ago while experimenting with study methods,I stumbled upon a great skill that many of us are afraid to use-’Making it up’.  Making it up is what helps me get through oral examinations,even written ones sometimes.

  1. How can I make it up if I don’t know what to write?

Well,this comes down to studying smart.I have started to study for most examinations by making condensed notes of the chapters and getting the basic idea the chapter is trying to convey.This is important because if you manage to get your head around the broad details and know them very well,then I think half the battle is won.For example,while studying History make sure you know the flow of the events and the dates very well.Understanding the basics in the form of a jigsaw puzzle is what will carry you forward.You need to understand the connection between different elements of your chapter in order to effectively make up answers during an exam.


2)What do I make up?

Now that you know the crux of your chapters ,making up the finer details should be a bit easier.You need to make up your answer based on what you know about the central idea of the chapter.Same goes for oral tests,where confidence is the key to talking your way through sticky situations.To get an answer to that question,you need to realise that making up covers up for what you don’t know.In simple words,you need to hide what you don’t know by emphasizing on what you know.


3)All of this making up is okay but how do I frame an answer?

In truth,this depends on which subject you are doing but basically you need to base your answer on what you already know.For example,If you are asked the ’ situation in Germany in early 1930s due to hyperinflation’,you could frame a logical but general answer about what would happen during hyper-inflation because the effects of it would be similar even today.You can refine your answer by actually addressing how such a situation would pave the way for Hitler.From this example you should understand the importance of connecting different parts of your chapter to form one coherent answer.


4) How can I learn ‘make up’ answers easily?

Learning to make up answers can only come with practice.I feel that knowing the basic outline of your study material is the way to start practicing this technique.Also,being able to express yourself clearly is another skill required to make up and frame crisp answers.

I would like to point out that to make up your answers,you need to have a good command over the language and need to be able to express yourself crisply.Also,you need to learn to think on your feet.In conclusion,’making up’ does not mean weaving incorrect stories,rather it should be a tool used to emphasize on what you know.

The Fault in Our Stars- epilogue:

Exactly 3 years had passed since the death of charming Augustus Waters.Hazel Grace Lancaster stood hunched over his grave,tears dripping from her eyes,completely soaking the french flag stuck in the ground by her.She was all alone ……Gus’s parents had left the country and settled down in a coffee estate in Costa Rica.It seemed that everyone had moved on with life,Isaac too had gotten back with Monica as if nothing had ever happened between them.
“Augustus ..damn Waters”, She cried,” You didn’t succeed in making a mark in life…you didn’t…The only thing you did do was become a scar in mine”.Hazel continued crying inspite of the light drizzle that had started.
“Gus”,Hazel said “All I wanted was not be be a grenade in my parent’s lives,but now my love for you has overcome all my wants”.”I am the bubble whose bursting is inevitable,the star whose burning out is unavoidable and today it will all be over”,said Hazel looking sadly into the sky as the rain grew more fierce.Hazel lied down next Gus’s grave,her hand caressing his imaginary blonde hair.After a while she stood up again,”Augustus ,I suffered ,all those 3 years without you.”,”Every living moment I spent thinking about your heart-melting smile, about the letter that you wrote to Van Houten,about your irresistible charm.”,Hazel screamed.
Quickly,without a second thought, Hazel Grace Lancaster removed her oxygen tubes.
“I loved Augustus Waters,he loved me and we did no wrong.”,Her breath wavered as her lungs struggled to cope.”Universe,you want to be noticed?So tell me why me and Augustus”,her breathing became heavy as the under-oxygenated brain of Hazel Lancaster made her fall to the ground.”What was the Fault?…*gasp*The fault in our stars.”,”I will always love Gus …to eternity and beyon..” said Hazel as her body bolted from the severe lack of oxygen and there she lay dead or ‘more alive than she had ever been’ as her spirit fell into the familiar,strong arms of Augustus Waters.The unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth reminded her that being close to the things which could kill him was a speciality of Gus.The world faded around …
She woke up at the end Cancer group as Patrick rattled out the names of the dead.She got up to leave as a tall,handsome boy walked over,”Hi ,I’m Augustus Waters,What’s your name?”

Guys,this is basically a brief outline of the Great Depression and The Stock Market Crash of 1929 #LoveforEconomics……The Great Depression was a period of extreme economic and political regression across many parts of the world.The Depression was preceeded by ‘The Stock Market Crash of 1929’,which as the name suggests was a large scale collapse of the US stock markets.The ‘roaring 20s’ were a time of post-war optimism and economic surplus in the United States. The free-flowing money resulted in a large scale migration of people from the countryside to the more urban and thriving areas.This slowly created financial neglect and dispair among the American farmers thereby resulted in slowed production of food.The other primary sector occupations like mining ,lumbering etc also had shortages in manpower.Over the course of this decade,the industrial and agricultural sectors had a decreased levels of productivity due to the migration of people.Also excessive indebtness of banks and other financial entities led to the severe unequal distribution of wealth.The investors with large amounts of money now invested in the market ‘en masse’ as they expected the market to progress further thereby multiplying their returns.The obscene amounts of money invested created an economic bubble in the 1920’s.Due to increased indebtness,investment and decreased productivity,there came a time when this economic bubble finally burst.It was marked by the stock market crash on 29th october,1929.One can conclude that the Stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed brought the ‘roaring 20s’ to a halt.

Some economists believe that the stock market crash was one of the causes of the Great depression.It was a time when there was a huge decrease in the employment levels globally,prices of commodities and everyday goods drastically fell and there was a marked decrease in in the income levels also.The decline in the United States economy was a factor that initially brought down the global economy.However soon the flaws of the respective countries became the main causes their sinking economies.The early 30’s a dreadful time for the world as a whole.Despite continued efforts from various organisations and people, the early 30’s witnessed only a downward spiral of the world economies.By late 30’s most of the countries had removed the gold standard.The gold standard was a mechanism wherein people could trade in gold for currency notes.Most of the major countries removed this mechanism thereby devaluing gold so as to speed up economic recovery.The 40’s in the United States marked a period of economic recovery as the country doubled its military expenditure and created more jobs for the general public.It is believed that the moblisation of manpower for war decreased the unemployment rates to less than 10%.
The World War II superceeded the Great depression and the resulting financial insecurity.From here on the world economies advanced to new heights. I can only hope and pray that the world does not have to bear the brunt on the inevitable economic uncertainty in the near future.

The Bespectacled Spectator

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Through my master’s eyes

i saw the masses cry,
“Quit India,Quit India”
As he walked the miles
I saw all their smiles
The salt march
did raise quite a storm
for the grime and dust
did haze my form
‘Thud’ i saw Gandhi fall
Now I lie on the hard ground
His sweat trickling down my cold frame
and my glass eyes;round, round
Seem no longer to look the same
The fall caused my glass to shatter
Now …….that didn’t matter
I wait patiently for my limp master to rise
….But i hear the loud cries
,”Gandhi Dies”,”Gandhi Dies” …….

”I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high oe’r vales and hills
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze…
These are famous lines from the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William wordsworth. Close your eyes and you can actually see the fluttering daffodils in ur minds eyes. The poet’s creativity comes through so smoothly. Writing skills, power of observation, creativity as such other humanane skills come to the fore. Its sheer thoughts…in other words the thinking mind which lets loose the reign of thoughts that have made such masterpieces and many such others possible . Respicted teachers and my dear friends on these thoughts let me begin to put forth my case before you all.
At the outset- I have two questions for my dear friends and classmates present here: -When was the last time you wrote a letter in your own handwriting? – When was the last time you decided to solve a jumble, write a poem or even decide to paint a picture? I’m sure a majority of the responses would be in the negative…
Friends and teachers…the brutal and sad fact is that technology has impaired writing skills and creativity among the students…And I am in full agreement with this statement and would be speaking in support of this proposition.

Clearly, technology has overwhelmed us. We have almost become extensions of the machines that we play around with day in and day out. Today, if we have a problem – we don’t think, we just google and merrily copy and paste and claim it to be our idea.
The other worrying factor across the world, in schools and colleges, students are mechanically lifting content from the internet and calling it their own. Even Phd students, the brainpower of a nation, have been caught flicking content from the Internet. Is that right? Wont that in a way have a direct impact on the country’s progress?
These cold blooded machines are killing our originality and creativity.
Not very long ago, people took pride in the legibility of their handwriting. An impeccable handwriting meant that the person was considered learned and educated. Today the keyboards have rendered good handwriting redundant…If you look at smses or even internet chats you realize that the language and spelling are simply atrocious. There are abbreviations, short-forms, smileys and emoticons for practically everything…
Technology is severely impacting the all round development of students and creating inward looking zombies The student of today is losing his grip over good language and good power of expression.
There are reports by psychologists which have clearly said that
– Technology aids like computers create a false sense of confidence which can adversely impact a student’s academic abilities while using a pen and paper they will fear failure.
-The report says that using software that immediately tells children to correct errors like spelling and grammar disrupts their thought patterns and stunts their ideas..
-The report goes on to say that children who hand write are able to produce almost twice as many ideas as those using computer technology to write a creative story. End of the day, computers are a good support tool they should not replace handwriting entirely.
-The research shows that if there isn’t enough focus on traditional handwriting, children under 10 years may not realise their full creative potential.”
In the end I would like to say that technology is important, there is no way we can get away from it but we need to preserve our human traits. Let us be thinking, creative and humane individuals where at times the heart rules over the mind.
We shouldn’t allow the computer with its cold logic and binary system steer our lives and snuff out human creativity and spontaneity.
So dear friends lets put on our thinking caps and give wings to our creativity instead of just mindlessly clicking away on the I-pads, keyboards and remotes.Tap, jog your thoughts for its all in the mind….