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The Fault in Our Stars- epilogue:

Exactly 3 years had passed since the death of charming Augustus Waters.Hazel Grace Lancaster stood hunched over his grave,tears dripping from her eyes,completely soaking the french flag stuck in the ground by her.She was all alone ……Gus’s parents had left the country and settled down in a coffee estate in Costa Rica.It seemed that everyone had moved on with life,Isaac too had gotten back with Monica as if nothing had ever happened between them.
“Augustus ..damn Waters”, She cried,” You didn’t succeed in making a mark in life…you didn’t…The only thing you did do was become a scar in mine”.Hazel continued crying inspite of the light drizzle that had started.
“Gus”,Hazel said “All I wanted was not be be a grenade in my parent’s lives,but now my love for you has overcome all my wants”.”I am the bubble whose bursting is inevitable,the star whose burning out is unavoidable and today it will all be over”,said Hazel looking sadly into the sky as the rain grew more fierce.Hazel lied down next Gus’s grave,her hand caressing his imaginary blonde hair.After a while she stood up again,”Augustus ,I suffered ,all those 3 years without you.”,”Every living moment I spent thinking about your heart-melting smile, about the letter that you wrote to Van Houten,about your irresistible charm.”,Hazel screamed.
Quickly,without a second thought, Hazel Grace Lancaster removed her oxygen tubes.
“I loved Augustus Waters,he loved me and we did no wrong.”,Her breath wavered as her lungs struggled to cope.”Universe,you want to be noticed?So tell me why me and Augustus”,her breathing became heavy as the under-oxygenated brain of Hazel Lancaster made her fall to the ground.”What was the Fault?…*gasp*The fault in our stars.”,”I will always love Gus …to eternity and beyon..” said Hazel as her body bolted from the severe lack of oxygen and there she lay dead or ‘more alive than she had ever been’ as her spirit fell into the familiar,strong arms of Augustus Waters.The unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth reminded her that being close to the things which could kill him was a speciality of Gus.The world faded around …
She woke up at the end Cancer group as Patrick rattled out the names of the dead.She got up to leave as a tall,handsome boy walked over,”Hi ,I’m Augustus Waters,What’s your name?”


Guys,this is basically a brief outline of the Great Depression and The Stock Market Crash of 1929 #LoveforEconomics……The Great Depression was a period of extreme economic and political regression across many parts of the world.The Depression was preceeded by ‘The Stock Market Crash of 1929’,which as the name suggests was a large scale collapse of the US stock markets.The ‘roaring 20s’ were a time of post-war optimism and economic surplus in the United States. The free-flowing money resulted in a large scale migration of people from the countryside to the more urban and thriving areas.This slowly created financial neglect and dispair among the American farmers thereby resulted in slowed production of food.The other primary sector occupations like mining ,lumbering etc also had shortages in manpower.Over the course of this decade,the industrial and agricultural sectors had a decreased levels of productivity due to the migration of people.Also excessive indebtness of banks and other financial entities led to the severe unequal distribution of wealth.The investors with large amounts of money now invested in the market ‘en masse’ as they expected the market to progress further thereby multiplying their returns.The obscene amounts of money invested created an economic bubble in the 1920’s.Due to increased indebtness,investment and decreased productivity,there came a time when this economic bubble finally burst.It was marked by the stock market crash on 29th october,1929.One can conclude that the Stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed brought the ‘roaring 20s’ to a halt.

Some economists believe that the stock market crash was one of the causes of the Great depression.It was a time when there was a huge decrease in the employment levels globally,prices of commodities and everyday goods drastically fell and there was a marked decrease in in the income levels also.The decline in the United States economy was a factor that initially brought down the global economy.However soon the flaws of the respective countries became the main causes their sinking economies.The early 30’s a dreadful time for the world as a whole.Despite continued efforts from various organisations and people, the early 30’s witnessed only a downward spiral of the world economies.By late 30’s most of the countries had removed the gold standard.The gold standard was a mechanism wherein people could trade in gold for currency notes.Most of the major countries removed this mechanism thereby devaluing gold so as to speed up economic recovery.The 40’s in the United States marked a period of economic recovery as the country doubled its military expenditure and created more jobs for the general public.It is believed that the moblisation of manpower for war decreased the unemployment rates to less than 10%.
The World War II superceeded the Great depression and the resulting financial insecurity.From here on the world economies advanced to new heights. I can only hope and pray that the world does not have to bear the brunt on the inevitable economic uncertainty in the near future.

The Bespectacled Spectator

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Through my master’s eyes

i saw the masses cry,
“Quit India,Quit India”
As he walked the miles
I saw all their smiles
The salt march
did raise quite a storm
for the grime and dust
did haze my form
‘Thud’ i saw Gandhi fall
Now I lie on the hard ground
His sweat trickling down my cold frame
and my glass eyes;round, round
Seem no longer to look the same
The fall caused my glass to shatter
Now …….that didn’t matter
I wait patiently for my limp master to rise
….But i hear the loud cries
,”Gandhi Dies”,”Gandhi Dies” …….

”I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high oe’r vales and hills
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze…
These are famous lines from the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William wordsworth. Close your eyes and you can actually see the fluttering daffodils in ur minds eyes. The poet’s creativity comes through so smoothly. Writing skills, power of observation, creativity as such other humanane skills come to the fore. Its sheer thoughts…in other words the thinking mind which lets loose the reign of thoughts that have made such masterpieces and many such others possible . Respicted teachers and my dear friends on these thoughts let me begin to put forth my case before you all.
At the outset- I have two questions for my dear friends and classmates present here: -When was the last time you wrote a letter in your own handwriting? – When was the last time you decided to solve a jumble, write a poem or even decide to paint a picture? I’m sure a majority of the responses would be in the negative…
Friends and teachers…the brutal and sad fact is that technology has impaired writing skills and creativity among the students…And I am in full agreement with this statement and would be speaking in support of this proposition.

Clearly, technology has overwhelmed us. We have almost become extensions of the machines that we play around with day in and day out. Today, if we have a problem – we don’t think, we just google and merrily copy and paste and claim it to be our idea.
The other worrying factor across the world, in schools and colleges, students are mechanically lifting content from the internet and calling it their own. Even Phd students, the brainpower of a nation, have been caught flicking content from the Internet. Is that right? Wont that in a way have a direct impact on the country’s progress?
These cold blooded machines are killing our originality and creativity.
Not very long ago, people took pride in the legibility of their handwriting. An impeccable handwriting meant that the person was considered learned and educated. Today the keyboards have rendered good handwriting redundant…If you look at smses or even internet chats you realize that the language and spelling are simply atrocious. There are abbreviations, short-forms, smileys and emoticons for practically everything…
Technology is severely impacting the all round development of students and creating inward looking zombies The student of today is losing his grip over good language and good power of expression.
There are reports by psychologists which have clearly said that
– Technology aids like computers create a false sense of confidence which can adversely impact a student’s academic abilities while using a pen and paper they will fear failure.
-The report says that using software that immediately tells children to correct errors like spelling and grammar disrupts their thought patterns and stunts their ideas..
-The report goes on to say that children who hand write are able to produce almost twice as many ideas as those using computer technology to write a creative story. End of the day, computers are a good support tool they should not replace handwriting entirely.
-The research shows that if there isn’t enough focus on traditional handwriting, children under 10 years may not realise their full creative potential.”
In the end I would like to say that technology is important, there is no way we can get away from it but we need to preserve our human traits. Let us be thinking, creative and humane individuals where at times the heart rules over the mind.
We shouldn’t allow the computer with its cold logic and binary system steer our lives and snuff out human creativity and spontaneity.
So dear friends lets put on our thinking caps and give wings to our creativity instead of just mindlessly clicking away on the I-pads, keyboards and remotes.Tap, jog your thoughts for its all in the mind….

The Internet: The Bane

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The Internet – which was originally developed for US Defence purposes – is today all pervasive and touching the lives of billions of people..
In fact, today the world has over 3 billion devices that are connected to the Internet. And that number is growing at a dramatic pace.
It is precisely for this reason why I believe that the dangers of the Internet need to be recognized. The Net’s popularity has a dark side, as it has evolved from a friendly research network to a hotbed of criminal activity including fraud and identity theft.
1- Some of the world’s most heinous terrorist acts have occurred due to the ease with which the criminals have accessed dangerous information on the Net: Today you can freely get information on making crude machine guns to manufacturing deadly bombs to mixing dangerous poisons. Some sites even tell you how to kill a person instantly with your bare hands…
2- Scientists also believe that the rise of social media like Facebook and Twitter is radically changing behaviors and attitudes. Youngsters seem to be getting too inward looking, staring away at monitor screens all day long, engrossed in their own private lives. Some of them are forgetting the importance of real life, physical interactions. They are increasingly becoming awkward, addicted to the virtual world. This is having an impact on their relationships with their parents, teachers and friends. This could explode into a social problem soon.
People are also trading insults freely and damaging reputations on these social media site…That is the reason why the Indian govt is trying to bring out some form of regulation to this medium where all and sundry say what they want…
3- The internet is also a fertile ground for pedophiles, where unsuspecting youngsters are taking advantage off and exploited. There have been multiple cases of criminals completely destroying the lives of young kids…
4- Look at the amount of financial scams that the Internet is causing. People are being ripped off everyday by crooks and cheats who are using newer and newer methods to con gullible people
5- Lastly, you have rogues who can bring down the entire economy of a nation to a grinding halt. This over reliance on the Internet has made nations vulnerable to digital attacks…In recent times there have been news reports of key departments in the Indian government being attacked.
Friends- This is the bane of a digitally interconnected world… As spiderman says in the movie: “With great power comes great responsibilities” —- It is time we became responsible and aware neticizens….

Around 5 months ago,the city-state of Delhi witnessed what some might call ‘a turn-around’ of epic proportions.The honourable chief minister Mr Arvind kejriwal put in his papers which resulted in an uproar in the national capital.Media Persons made the situation worse by magnifying the problem and suggesting absurd theories for this resignation.The so called ‘intellectuals’ were not far behind as they criticized Kejriwal for not being able to handle the pressure and for betraying the peoples trust.

The actual reason for the resignation is believed to be the failure of the introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill.It is believed that Mr Kejriwal’s frustration knew no bounds after the bill was scrapped.

After resignation ,Mr Kejriwal contested in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections held across the country in the months of April and May from the constituency of Varanasi however, Kejri’s ‘Aam aadmi image’ was no match for Narendra Modi ,the golden child of Indian politics whose victory did not come as a surprise.

After a disappointing performance in the General Elections,with 4 seats,It seems that the Aam Aadmi Party won’t be forming the central government this time around.All they can hope for is probably making a little difference while they are in the opposition of the parliament.

The latest reports say that ‘Kejri’ is hoping to form the government in Delhi …again.Well this time the man says that he wont resign and go on ‘Dharnas’ so frivolously.

I wish Mr Arvind Kejriwal the best for all his future endeavours and hope that he can bring about a change in Indian Governance and politics.

This time will the Hero of the common men fight for the masses or betray the public’s trust …………………again?

According to the Oxford dictionary, religion is ‘the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods’.I believe that religion doesn’t cause
war.Believing in any deity or superhuman individual does not promote war.I believe that the main foundations of any religion do not promote war unless the particular religion is blasphemed. For example a strict interpretation of the Quran tells us the muslims can go to
‘jihad’ or ‘Holy war’ only if the Prophet or Allah has been severely blasphemed or insulted.
I argue that religion is an idealogy that preachers have full liberty to interpret.Therefore if any preacher tries to start a war in the name of religion then,I believe that it is the person in question is responsible not religion.
The arguement of the opposition is like a cat speaking russian ,Its absurd and it doesnt make sense

Advertising; The Bane

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In todays world where we are overloaded by advertisments we cannot go anywhere without seeing advertisments in some way or the other .Eg: advertisments are brodcasted on the television , they are on the radio , on ugly hoardings as we enter school and worst of all we have advertorials instead of editorial .Studies say that an average person sees around 5000 advertisments a day…Shocking Isn’t it …. I plead that people should be let to live without being bombarded by unnesscary information that they do not need ,After all the common man should be able to live a simple and tension -free life.
In India advertisers parades flamboyant cars , shiny diamonds and costly cosmetics in front of a country that lives in its 6,00,000 villages ,In these villages nearly 60 % of the people earn below ₹260 per month ….Don’t you think that is unfair and wrong on the part of the advertisers .Advertising usually causes theft as it tempts and taunts people on products that they don’t have.At the end of the day if the people steal or not it makes na individual to feel bad…..
Advertising leads to excessive consumerism which means that people buy what dont need and accumulate clutter in their houses .As advertising favours the large marketting giants ,the smaller companies which probably manufacture better products loose out ,The neurology department from yale medical school recently found that advertisements reduce the attention span of youngsters,the current 21 year old is believed to have an attention span of 30 seconds
Advertisments are believed to be the main cause for the stereotyping of women and the depiction of women in inappropriate ways.Marketting strategies used be advertisers are making people more interested in materialistic gains .Thus,advertisments stunt the all round devolpment of an individual.Lets not live in a world where where the youngsters are fidgety ,introverted characters.’Cut down advertisng ,I say ‘

Here I am in the  pocket of my master.I wonder what his plan his, how he plans to execute his mission.I sit there dreading the moment where i will have to pass through most flesh ,the moment when my smooth stainless steel will have a cover of sour blood.I wait
wait for the moment when a scream will echo in the room ….and my ears forever.The time comes close i think to myself when blood will drip from my blade, the time is near when a limp body is the result of my action and my masters’ deed. I go through the routine that I hate ,only for the moment when fresh water flows on blade ,It washes away the dried-blood on my steel also taking with it my sins.Glistening with drops of clear water ,my steel has been returned its sheen.I will lay on the table wondering when next my master will pick me up,Wondering whether my master will proud of me,wondering why I was a knife.