Advertising; The Bane

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

In todays world where we are overloaded by advertisments we cannot go anywhere without seeing advertisments in some way or the other .Eg: advertisments are brodcasted on the television , they are on the radio , on ugly hoardings as we enter school and worst of all we have advertorials instead of editorial .Studies say that an average person sees around 5000 advertisments a day…Shocking Isn’t it …. I plead that people should be let to live without being bombarded by unnesscary information that they do not need ,After all the common man should be able to live a simple and tension -free life.
In India advertisers parades flamboyant cars , shiny diamonds and costly cosmetics in front of a country that lives in its 6,00,000 villages ,In these villages nearly 60 % of the people earn below ₹260 per month ….Don’t you think that is unfair and wrong on the part of the advertisers .Advertising usually causes theft as it tempts and taunts people on products that they don’t have.At the end of the day if the people steal or not it makes na individual to feel bad…..
Advertising leads to excessive consumerism which means that people buy what dont need and accumulate clutter in their houses .As advertising favours the large marketting giants ,the smaller companies which probably manufacture better products loose out ,The neurology department from yale medical school recently found that advertisements reduce the attention span of youngsters,the current 21 year old is believed to have an attention span of 30 seconds
Advertisments are believed to be the main cause for the stereotyping of women and the depiction of women in inappropriate ways.Marketting strategies used be advertisers are making people more interested in materialistic gains .Thus,advertisments stunt the all round devolpment of an individual.Lets not live in a world where where the youngsters are fidgety ,introverted characters.’Cut down advertisng ,I say ‘


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