The Internet: The Bane

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Internet – which was originally developed for US Defence purposes – is today all pervasive and touching the lives of billions of people..
In fact, today the world has over 3 billion devices that are connected to the Internet. And that number is growing at a dramatic pace.
It is precisely for this reason why I believe that the dangers of the Internet need to be recognized. The Net’s popularity has a dark side, as it has evolved from a friendly research network to a hotbed of criminal activity including fraud and identity theft.
1- Some of the world’s most heinous terrorist acts have occurred due to the ease with which the criminals have accessed dangerous information on the Net: Today you can freely get information on making crude machine guns to manufacturing deadly bombs to mixing dangerous poisons. Some sites even tell you how to kill a person instantly with your bare hands…
2- Scientists also believe that the rise of social media like Facebook and Twitter is radically changing behaviors and attitudes. Youngsters seem to be getting too inward looking, staring away at monitor screens all day long, engrossed in their own private lives. Some of them are forgetting the importance of real life, physical interactions. They are increasingly becoming awkward, addicted to the virtual world. This is having an impact on their relationships with their parents, teachers and friends. This could explode into a social problem soon.
People are also trading insults freely and damaging reputations on these social media site…That is the reason why the Indian govt is trying to bring out some form of regulation to this medium where all and sundry say what they want…
3- The internet is also a fertile ground for pedophiles, where unsuspecting youngsters are taking advantage off and exploited. There have been multiple cases of criminals completely destroying the lives of young kids…
4- Look at the amount of financial scams that the Internet is causing. People are being ripped off everyday by crooks and cheats who are using newer and newer methods to con gullible people
5- Lastly, you have rogues who can bring down the entire economy of a nation to a grinding halt. This over reliance on the Internet has made nations vulnerable to digital attacks…In recent times there have been news reports of key departments in the Indian government being attacked.
Friends- This is the bane of a digitally interconnected world… As spiderman says in the movie: “With great power comes great responsibilities” —- It is time we became responsible and aware neticizens….


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