The fault in our Stars -Epilogue …for you TFIOS fans

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Fault in Our Stars- epilogue:

Exactly 3 years had passed since the death of charming Augustus Waters.Hazel Grace Lancaster stood hunched over his grave,tears dripping from her eyes,completely soaking the french flag stuck in the ground by her.She was all alone ……Gus’s parents had left the country and settled down in a coffee estate in Costa Rica.It seemed that everyone had moved on with life,Isaac too had gotten back with Monica as if nothing had ever happened between them.
“Augustus ..damn Waters”, She cried,” You didn’t succeed in making a mark in life…you didn’t…The only thing you did do was become a scar in mine”.Hazel continued crying inspite of the light drizzle that had started.
“Gus”,Hazel said “All I wanted was not be be a grenade in my parent’s lives,but now my love for you has overcome all my wants”.”I am the bubble whose bursting is inevitable,the star whose burning out is unavoidable and today it will all be over”,said Hazel looking sadly into the sky as the rain grew more fierce.Hazel lied down next Gus’s grave,her hand caressing his imaginary blonde hair.After a while she stood up again,”Augustus ,I suffered ,all those 3 years without you.”,”Every living moment I spent thinking about your heart-melting smile, about the letter that you wrote to Van Houten,about your irresistible charm.”,Hazel screamed.
Quickly,without a second thought, Hazel Grace Lancaster removed her oxygen tubes.
“I loved Augustus Waters,he loved me and we did no wrong.”,Her breath wavered as her lungs struggled to cope.”Universe,you want to be noticed?So tell me why me and Augustus”,her breathing became heavy as the under-oxygenated brain of Hazel Lancaster made her fall to the ground.”What was the Fault?…*gasp*The fault in our stars.”,”I will always love Gus …to eternity and beyon..” said Hazel as her body bolted from the severe lack of oxygen and there she lay dead or ‘more alive than she had ever been’ as her spirit fell into the familiar,strong arms of Augustus Waters.The unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth reminded her that being close to the things which could kill him was a speciality of Gus.The world faded around …
She woke up at the end Cancer group as Patrick rattled out the names of the dead.She got up to leave as a tall,handsome boy walked over,”Hi ,I’m Augustus Waters,What’s your name?”


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