How I think you can appear Knowledgeable in a party-ish environment

Posted: December 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

First impressions matter.A person can come off as many things athletic,loudspoken ,calm or even stupid sometimes.The vibe that is given by people often translates into your behavior and interactions with them too.Schools are places where people develop their personalities and often give nicknames to their classmates based on the long-term impression that they leave.Nerd.Geek.Jock.Cool.Pretty are a couple of names that are thrown around.
All this is fine for 4 years of high school or college but what happens when one needs to make an impression in a matter of hours,say for example at a party.We want to appear ‘cool’ and stylish as soon as possible and not stupid surely.The anger one feels when a charming fellow steals the bored woman that they have been trying to impress for a whole hour is simply blood-boiling.”I’m the nice guy,she chose the wrong person” is the most common complain but HEY guys and girls you are BORING.You are not interesting.You don’t know how to make someone laugh and you are certainly not well read enough to hold a good conversation.So here is what I feel you need to do to be the heart of the party-:

As cliched as that may sound,it is true.You have got to be well read on a variety of subjects so that you can find common ground with the different people that you meet.Try start to start reading that boring,old newspaper which by default seems to end up at your doorstep every morning.You can use social media like twitter to be up to date on the latest happenings…Politics,current affairs,celeb gossip and sports news are the kind of interests most people have.Read,it may interest you too.Fiction,non-fiction,biographies and productivity articles,just try them all.

2)Be a good conversationalist
Well this is important skill because you certainly don’t want to scare people with your monotonous rambling about Intel i5 or i7 processors.God!,learn to ask people about themselves because the unspoken truth is that people LOVE to talk about themselves.Make use of that and be a good listener.Who knows,you might meet the most interesting can develop your conversation skills only by practicing and getting hands-on practice.Use humour carefully because it can either make you the charming dude or the lame guy who nobody understands.Your words can either make you or break you….Speak or learn to speak wisely.

3)Attitude Matters
Nobody,absolutely nobody likes the snob or the person who keeps shooting down their ideas and making them feel small.That know-it-all is certainly not going to be the heart of the party so don’t try to imitate him instead try to be a little more friendly and lively.Also,I’m sure there are many ‘balloon deflators’ out there who seem ‘hip’ by sarcastically shooting down people but make no mistake,those people are the least liked.You need to be amiable,approachable and most importantly helpful.A helpful person will correct you politely and at the same time gain your respect.

In the end, however knowledgeable you may be only the charismatic,down-to Earth person will actually be liked.This is article was was just the start,get out there and be the heart of the party.


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