What I achieved in 2014….Highlights

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

2014 has been a great year and I wanted to make this post about my accomplishments during the course of the year.This post is going to be in the format of a list,so here goes-:

-I took part in more Model United Nations conferences and won awards…I won 2 special mentions and got 1 verbal mention in the 3 conferences I took part in.I learn’t not only to draft MUN resolutions but also learn’t a fair bit more about international relations and law.

-I was selected to attend and represent my school at a highly selective Model United Nations workshop which was conducted at the United States embassy in New Delhi.During this 2 day learning experience,I was familiarised with the most effective ways in which to put forward an argument and such intricacies of debate.Overall enjoyable and great learning experience

-I was selected for the school football team and over this year,I have become a better player and am now more confident in myself while playing.

-I had the privilege of being in a workshop about ‘French as a Second Language’ conducted by an official of the French embassy.This was not only informative but also sparked my interest further in pursuing French.

-I was also selected for a competitive French virtual Pen Pal program which introduced me to my french pen pal,18 year old Anthony who lives in Normandie.

-Importantly this year I was elected as my class representative.I have enjoyed this leadership experience so far and this has actually brought out my interest in being in the student council and working for the welfare of my class by representing the views of my fellow classmates.

-I am the only 9th grader to be a member of the Core 8 of the Debate Society of my school,that gives me immense pride because I am being recognised for something that I love that is debate.

-I have been selected as a student tour guide for my school where I show parents of new admissions around the school.

-Very importantly,I have started to write more frequently for my blog and this is keeping my happy.

-I have also started to take courses on Coursera about law but my attempts have been largely half-baked.I will work harder on these great resources that are offered to me by Coursera from 2015.

-Also,I have developed a keen interest in technology, especially programming and have started to learn a bit here and there (Nov-Dec)

-As of now,I aspire to study Economics and Computer Science.

All in all 2014 has been an extremely fruitful year and I have learnt many things over the course of these 12 months that I won’t ever forget.I hope 2015 is as good or better a year than 2014…..This year is dedicated to dreams and knowledge.


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