Why I want to meet Dr APJ Abdul Kalam (Essay for selection)

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

I had an opportunity to meet the former President of India,Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and below is the essay I submitted so that they would select me.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam,The Missile Man of man of India is one of the most inspiring Indians alive.Hailing from a humble background in the small town of Rameswaram ,Dr Kalam showed us how dedication and hardwork can change a person’s life regardless of his background by becoming the President of the largest democracy in the world.I want to meet Dr Kalam because apart from being the former President of India ,he is also one of the brightest minds of our times.I want to see how such a person with numerous achievements including the Bharat Ratna can manage to remain so down-to-earth.Meeting Dr Kalam would be an insightful experience because he is one of the best of examples of a brilliant mind not succumbing to the brain-drain phenomena.I would like to ask Dr Kalam,

1)”At the rate technology is developing what worries you most about the future of our country?”

2)”What is your opinion about the current political scenario in our country especially with BJP in power?”

I would like to ask these questions because technology as much as it is beneficial can also be destructive.Since he has a scientific background,I would like his opinion.Also,as Dr APJ has had a stint in politics,I would want to know his views on the political scene.

In the end I would like to be selected because I would not want to miss a ‘selfie opportunity’ with Dr Kalam 🙂


-Dhruv Krishnaswamy,class IX-D

Well….I wasn’t selected and looking back I can see that I did not demonstrate enough interest and my last paragraphs were to cramped and not elaborated enough,in an attempt to adhere to the word limit which was 200 words.Also,I forgot to add a title. These was probably the reasons why I wasn’t selected.Anyways,I have to move on.

On an unrelated note one of the people who was selected wrote a 330 word essay.So much for adhering to the word limit!…..Anyways congrats to her and I hope I learn something valuable from this failure of mine.


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