Apple Spring Start Announcements -My notes(Spelling errors are there)

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Apple Spring Forward Conference

-New apple store in China
-120 million customers visited apple stores in last 3 months

Apple TV
-adding more and more channels each day
-HBO:April 12-return of VEEP ,Silicon Valley,Game of Thrones
-Richard Peplar CEO
-Standalone streaming service HBO Now-exclusive for apple
:past ,present and future movies-broadband connection and apple device
-14.99$ -first month free

New game of Thrones (trailer shown)#epic
-25 million apple TV sold -$99 entry level
-apple TV today -$69

-Sold 700th million iphone
-double industry growth rate last quarter-top selling smartphone in the world -99% satisfaction phone
-Apple Pay loved by customers-enormous momentum-now over 25 banks supporting apple pay
-700,000 locations excepting apple pay
-Cocacola -40,000 in US -using Apple Pay
-CarPLay-every major car brand committed to delivering CarPlay

-Health -medical research(Jejj Williams speaks)
-recruiting people
-subjective data
-One-Way Communication

Announces researchkit -medical framework
-iphone into diagnostic tools
-5 apps built-
Exercise may halt parkinson’s and it syncs with your health app
Cardiovascular diseases
Breast Cancer
Privacy of medical data-you decide how data is shared and apple will not see your data

VIDEO ABOUT Researchkit-brilliant

Researchkit is Open Source
-first 5 apps available today

-every year for last decade mac outgrown industry

VIDEO about reinvented notebooks
*Phil invited to talk about new macbook

-weights 2 pounds
-thickest point -13.1 mm
-24% thinner
-All new keyboard
-Butterfly mechanism for keys now (4 times more stable,40% more thinner)
-new lighting system -individual lighting for each key
-12 inch display-edge to edge-retina -2304X1440 pixels(3.3 million pixels)
-thinnest display
-consumes 30% less energy
-new force touch trackpad-Taptic engine built in-click anywhere and get same feel
sense your pressure
force click looks up wikipedia
email gets you locoation
finder gets you preview of file
Deeper you press faster your fast forward goes

-first fanless mac(silent operating)
-densest logic board in a mac
-1/3rd the size of previous mac
-powered by Intel
-Rest of space in mac filled with batteries
-Created contoured batteries-35% more battery-All day battery life
-Has dual stream and bluetooth -extreme portability
-USB,DIsplay,VGA,HDMI all through one connector(USB C technology)
cable is reversible
-Silver,Space grey and Gold
-Environmentally friendly
-faster processor and more storage for -1599$
-April 10th

MAc Air

MAc book pro
-faster processor
-twice as faster flash
-1 extra hour of battery
-shipping today

-most advanced time piece
-50 milliseconds within UTC
-different colours and different faces
-Mickey mouse face
-Glances -allows you to check things very quickly which you see frequently
-also communication immediately-receives messages and respond
-receive calls on your watch
-read emails on watch
-you can connect apple watch to apple watch using digital touch
animated as a sketch on your friends watch
also send your heartbeat
-Health and fitness-tracks your movement
reminds you if you have been sitting too long
reminders can be sent to you
it will send you a report of you did the previous week it will also suggest new goals
-Workout app
-cycling etc

Apple watch given to Christy Turlington Burns

-done 3 marathons
-done half marathon using apple watch(1st person)

*video-not bad

*christie on stage

Christie doing a weekly blog on

-you can pay
-control with music
-interface with siri
-notifications on apple watch-keep track of sports teams
-connect to social media and news

Watch Kit SDK in released Nov(Many great apps made,some of them below)
*Kevin Lenchov
-communicates with phone via bluetooth and wifi

-you can use uber from your car
-you can integrate your air tickets with your watch
-wave watch in front of hotel room and use it as a key
-using shazam you can find which music is playing app can help you open garage door

IOS 8.2 available for download today
-All Day Battery Life-18 hours

HOLd magnetic charger need back of watch ,it will click into play

Watch sport
widest variety of bands
-38mm and 42 mm

Apple Watch Edition -Solid Gold

Pre-orders +preview from April 10th

Apple watch available on April 24 -select countries


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